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Nov 12, 2012 6:30am EST
neuroscience, all the underpinnings of these skills are formed in the environments in which children, babies grow up. i spent a lot of time with a pediatrician in san francisco who is watching how to improve environments for kids but a lot of folks also take place in schools dealing with adolescence when those qualities become character. in different ways, different educator's from a chess teacher in brooklyn to a private school principal in new york city to mentors working in the highest poverty neighborhood in chicago, trying to give students the sort of support and help they need to do better in this realm. mostly we don't quite know how to teach these francs, how to help kids improve. what i write about in this book is an experiment, new innovative ideas that might be able to help kids do better in this dimension and in the process help them do better in high school and college and life. >> i am going to follow up beach author's introduction with one quick question and get to the next topic. you wrote a book a few years ago while you were reporting for the new york times on the harlem ch
Nov 11, 2012 10:15am EST
-intentioned authoritarian leaders because they raileesed to survive in that environment you have to succumb to that environment. you have to assimilate into that environment. so, the system in syria is very inert in that sense and was much more difficult to overcome, obviously, and perhaps he didn't have the -- where with annual and ability to take on the real forces in syria who are status quo forces and against any change that might undermine the foundation of their rule and situation. >> the situp in syria by the colonial powers was france was working with a shiite sect, which is a minority, who were to look after the sunnies, who are the majority. 10% or shias of another sect. assad belongs to this sect ands the military is from this sect and the elite are from this sect. correct? >> partial limit he would not be able to rule if it was only them in the inner circle. >> they basically in control. >> they're dominant in the military apparatus but they have also done a very good job, started under his father. of coe opting many sunnies, christians in particular and others, into the apparat
Nov 12, 2012 1:00am EST
to protect all of us and create a crime free environment for americans. if the u.s. state agency see pakistani or yemen were afghan citizens they are not operating to protect or suppress the crime of those countries directing in the u.s. interest so they can't claim to be acting in the interest of the afghan herger when they see a man the bundled him off and put him nsl for days and days and days so they are more limited, they have less justification for doing what they are doing. they have more liberty of operating working with domestic citizens. >> professor skerker, waterboarding became a big issue a couple years ago in iraq and afghanistan war is waterboarding in morrill? >> i believe this. it's been used against someone who isn't being violent. further the assumption is that this fiscal discomfort like somebody speak the truth there is no correlation to and causing pain or discomfort or making somebody speak the truth is there for it is disproportionate and disconnected you are hurting somebody in the hope they reveal to you the truth and morality is any time you use christa tec
Nov 10, 2012 11:00pm EST
because we cannot supply them with natural gas. instead of russia. in this environment subsidizing wind and solar makes no sense. refi china and india and other emerging economies would sign nine so to reduce emissions i don't take a position nine whether man-made emissions cause global warming and i it china and india to make up 37% of the population not doing so. and the first chapter the book i talk about geo engineering solutions win to think we could reduce global temperatures by just came roofs white to reflect the race. what we're doing with a 12 billion-dollar hours it is pushing people into cars they do not want to buy raising your much as a cost we are getting rid of incandescent light bulbs and disproportionately those zero least able to afford it the lowest fifth of and come distribution spend 24 percent of income on electricity natural-gas and gasoline. that's right. spending on energy and compared to an average of 7%. it it is just strange well-intentioned people who purport to represent advocates policies that will do them harm rather than a good british edition to hurric
Nov 11, 2012 1:00pm EST
a relatively crime free environment for americans. if u.s. state agents see, say, and pakistan the are you many or afghans citizen, they are not operating to protect or suppress crime in those countries, they're acting in u.s. interest, so they cannot claim to be acting in the interest of the afghan go her when they see him come bundled him off, and put him in a cell for days and days. so they are actually more limited. they have less justification for doing what they're doing, more levity of operating when they're working with domestic citizens. >> professor, water boarding became a big issue a couple of years ago and the worse. is water boarding immoral? >> i believe it is. it is a course of technique that , it's the type of violence that is being used against someone who's not been violent. further, the assumption is that somehow this physical discomfort will make somebody speak the truth. there is no direct correlation between causing pain or discomfort in making someone speak the truth. so therefore is disproportionate. it is disconnected. you are hurting somebody in the hope that they rev
Nov 10, 2012 1:15pm EST
months on the ground but in three weaknesses at a time. to sort of get out of the environment, what was being reported in the united states and go back in and get the story. as that alluded, i was introduced to troops on the ground and traveling around was different, most of my time is spent traveling around with general petraeus. sitting in meetings with him and to the extent that i could. so that is the story we reported over the year. we then had these biographical sections of every chapter. what i really tried to show where the variables that were influencing petraeus' thinking. the first is general melton, who is one of the four key mentors. holly has been a wonderful source of information. the second is a gentleman who was a member of the ranger regiment. and he's helped to start joint special operations community project. before that he had been wrong in turn involved in -- not a lot of people know he has that background or interest. the third key mentor is general jack galvin. he was assigned with jack galvin several times. he not only learn military history and leadership,
Nov 10, 2012 2:30pm EST
includes a healthy environment for the children and so on. that is the state's interest in this. the church, the synagogue, mosque, they put deeper meaning in it in terms of the spiritual meaning. but we have to be very careful to separate those two discussions so that we don't further the confusion. okay. yes, sir? >> i will answer your question. >> my name is richard. i'm a christian, and i am gay. i had to do is speed read because they got your book and just now. you made no mention apparently of jonathan and david, curious if you have comment on that in the bible. and secondly, what i consider a paradox that spain recognizes gay marriage and is predominantly catholic. so i am just wondering if you have any thoughts on that, commentary for entire country that can be predominantly catholic, could be one of the first ones to go along with gay marriage. >> the reason is great. >> well, thank god. >> i know, that is where it comes from. it is an astounding thing. somehow in this country that has been dominantly run forever, they seem to have gotten this separation thing. it is really quite a
Nov 11, 2012 9:00am EST
an environment in which leaders in the south might think that they could orchestrate an indian massacre with his approval. and he doesn't display any great concern for justice, or even ecclesiastical sanction for many years afterwards. so i think, i think it requires a complex answer. >> next question. [inaudible] >> there we go. back up a couple months there to july 24 of 1857, supposedly when we're talking of the 10 years of isolation that brigham young was hoping that he would get, and that he did get. there are some authors and people who say that there was a given amount theatrics with rockwell and others that rode into camp up there at the campgrounds in, what was a, little cottonwood canyon where they were holding their anniversary party to indicate that the army was coming. and that brigham young already knew his army was coming and that this was more of a theatrics to rally the people pick what is your take on that? >> well, i think yet heard a lot of reports that army was on the way. but i don't think it was staged theatrics. porter rockwell and the others arrive in salt lake city, and
Nov 11, 2012 4:45pm EST
cares about human rights or who cares about the political environment in the foreign-policy concerns that relate to north korea. as a general rule, u.s. north korea policy follows a very similar and repetitive pattern. there are provocations by the regime missile launches, underground nuclear tests with the occasional sinkings of the south korean vote. these are followed or threats of sanctions by the international community. and then of course as with the perennial recalcitrant child, the promises that her behavior whereupon the international community comes back and provides more aid to the regime in many respects continue to prop up the regime. and of course received almost never reaches people for whom it is destined. it siphoned off by the military or sold on the black market for hard currency. this pattern raises several questions for policymakers and in the course of our discussion today, i just want to plant a few seeds that we can come back to. for particular areas that i think are worth discussing and thinking about. one is what is the effect if any of sanctions, monetary s
Nov 11, 2012 2:00pm EST
was able to imagine myself as superhero. my socioeconomic environment come into the neighborhood bullies, demanding respect from a male peers and other pretty gross and make me feel so nervous. i later became captivated by the vasco player known for defining gravity and dunking writing his opponents face the spirit he dutifully try to imitate them as i'd seen dr. jay perform and dedicate virtually all of my free time to watching them practicing his basketball move. in other words i stop seeing in my basketball career to have what dr. jay had. nevertheless, i never forget about the falcon. it was my favorite flying black superhero. here's where we get into some cultural and ideological work. the idea of a black and white into the air, compelling tension, on an respect made a lasting impact on my imagination. the falcon also operated on the broader social level. that is the image of the falcon gliding across an urban skyline come to symbolize the unprecedented access and upward social mobility of many african-americans that were experiencing -- that african-americans experience in educatio
Nov 10, 2012 8:30pm EST
is has the capacity to relate to changes in environment and of course tripping happily over reputation risks. wells is a company with a culture of customer focus and restraint and the keybank provides the simple lesson, if you don't understand it, don't invest in it. each of these firms apply strong governance, good management, operational, but in sand discipline both with different approaches. some of these firms have had serious problems since the crisis and of course jpmorgan chase actually lost in their london office and an event that revealed poor risk management. the point here is, these firms have successful strategies for weathering the crisis. there is a huge difference between taking a large loss such as morgan recently took and having the company fail. the companies that failed in the crisis didn't just take losses. they went out of business and required massive amounts of taxpayer aid or ended their existence as independent companies. unsuccessful firms included man -- fannie mae and freddie mac, bear stearns, laymen, merrill lynch, citigroup, wachovia, ups, aig, countrywid
Nov 10, 2012 11:45pm EST
. but with the falcon i was able to imagine myself as a superhero rising above my social economic environment reading the neighborhood bullies commanding respect for my male peers and enjoying approval from all the pretty girls that made me feel so nervous. i later became captivated by the basketball player known for dunking a basketball in his opponents faces. although i dutifully try to imitate the moves i had seen dr. j. perform i dedicated virtually all my free time to watching him play and practice his basketball moves. i stops and in my basketball career and i just didn't have what dr. j. had. nevertheless i never forgot about the falcon. the falcon was my first and favorite flying black superhero. now here is where we get into cultural words. the image of a black man gliding through the air compelling attention, and respect made a lasting impact on my imagination the falcon also operated on a broader social level. that is, the image of the falcon driving across an urban skyline symbolize the unprecedented access and upward social mobility of many african-americans that were experiencing, afric
Nov 11, 2012 7:15am EST
and a number of different things in the environment, and we had no idea. later, like many kids in my neighborhood, i worked at the plant myself, and, um, got a sense of what it was like to be on the nofdz the plant. there was one evening when i came home from working at rocky flats and turned on the television, and there was a show on nightline that, it was an expose of what was really happening at the plant. and it was the first time that i really had an awareness, i really had an understanding of what was happening at iraqi flats and -- rocky plattes platd how extraordinary the contamination was. it was on that day that i decided to quit my job, and that was the day i decided that i would write a book about it. it took me about ten years of research and writing to pull this story together, and i wanted to write a book that reads like a novel, but it's very heavily footnoted, and everything in the book is factual. but i wanted to write this story from the perspective of all of the different kinds of people whose lives had been affected by rocky flats. not just residents like me and
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13